My Awesome New Board ^o^

I have made a very awesome new board and with the help of some very cool people I have been able to make it much better. I have had this dream to create a friendly community of people who love to read, write, draw and just talk with others who are like minded to be able to come together. So I made this board I have named it Mortal Devices. A very fitting name don't you think?

So here is the link I hope to see you there. Thanks

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Talking and Creativeness

I had a talk today with one of my sisters, it was a good one and I helped her to feel better about some stuff that she was going through.

Today I am feeling particularly creative today. I think I will continue working on my story. Maybe tweak a few things with some characters. 

Though today I just feel like starting a really good role-play, yeah I might just do that too. I have all day to do whatever I feel like doing and I am going to do just that.  xP

My Little Sister's Play - That was on May 23, 2011

Her school performed the Play Alice in Wonderland
But in a way that I have never seen done before. It was so cute and they did a really good job. My little sister had to do some rehearsals before performing it twice. So by the time the family members got there, all of the kids were pretty much tired (but they still did an awesome job). My little sister had missed one of her cues but other then that she did a fantastic job. Another little girl the one that played the white queen, that poor girl had a bloody nose, she was still able to keep in character. I was really impressed with that. So all in all the kids did a really good job with the play. I loved the music.  
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